Professional Pet Care Products
Item #
A-1 Super Clean Shampoo
16 oz
A-2 Whitening Shampoo
16 oz
A-3 Flea & Tick Shampoo
16 oz
A-4 Self-Rinse
16 oz
A-5 Product Stabilizer
32 oz
A-6 Crisp Coat Botanical Texturizing
& De-Toxifying Shampoo
16 oz
A-7 Pure White Lightening Shampoo
16 oz
A-8 Super-Whitening Gel/Stain Remover
8 oz
B-1 Protein Conditioner
16 oz
B-2 Lanolin Plus
16 oz
1/2 Gallon
B-3 Humectant Oil
16 oz
1/2 Gallon
B-4 Botanical Conditioner
16 oz
B-5 Premium Pro Pack
1 lb Jar
B-6 Color Enhancing Botanical Condtioners
10 oz
10 oz
10 oz
C-1 Hair Revitalizer
8 oz
C-2 Coat Enhancer
7,5 oz
C-3 Invisible Hold Setting & Styling Gel
8 oz
C-4 Get It Straight
4 oz
D-1 Slicker Brush
D-2 Pin Brush
D-3 Oblong Pin Brush
D-4 Wood Pin Brush
D-5 Boar Bristle Brush
D-6 Medium/Coarse Comb
7 1/2"
D-7 Fabulous Dematting Comb
D-8 Perfect Poodle/Fluffing Comb
9 1/2"
E-1 Tea Tree Oi
8 oz
1/2 Gallon
E-2 Odor Eliminator
32 oz
E-3 Vital Energy Canine & Feline Vegetarian Formula
1 lb
5 lb
E-4 Ear So Fresh
8 oz


A-1 Super Cleaning Shampoo
* Cleans thoroughly without harsh detergents.
* Will not burn skin or strip coat of conditioners or color. Safe enough to use daily, i f
* Residue free. Rinses out completely.
* Enhances coats natural color and texture.
* Controls static.
* Concentrated, low sudsing formula is Ph balanced (6.3) for sensitive skin.
* Tearless.

A-2 Whitening Shampoo
* Whitens & brightens all coat types without harsh cleansers or bleaches.
* Special optical brightener formula is safe for use on all colors .
* Rinses out completely, leaving natural coat texture.
* Concentrated formula may be used full strength to remove stubborn stains without
coat damage.

A-3 Flea& Tick Shampoo
* Safe, gentle baby shampoo based formula .
* Contains Pyrethrins, natures own conditioning flea -killer.
* Highly effective against fleas, ticks and lice while minimizing dryness caused by other insecticides.

A-4 Self-Rinse
* Super concentrate - 5 to 1.
* Cleans, deodorizes and conditions coat in one step without rinsing.
* Not stiff, sticky or gummy.
* Eliminates static.
* Light lemon/lime fragrance deodorizes problem areas.
* Safe for all colors - no alcohol, bluing or bleach.
** Not recommended for bleached, naturally porous or extremely damaged coats.

A-5 Product Stabilizer
* Removes residues, leaving skin refreshed and returns the coat to its natural, unaltered "virgin" state.
* Restores natural texture and shine to over -conditioned (limp), over-processed
(buildup), and over-relaxed (separated) coats.
* Helps cure flea dermatitis, hot-spots and other weeping, psoriasis-like problems by
helping the skin to heal itself.
** Recommended for softer coated dogs more prone to over-conditioning, greasy or flaky skin conditions as well as "old dog" odor.

A-6 Crisp Coat Botanical Texturizing & De-Toxifying Shampoo
* Created especially for hard and rough coated breeds
Recommended for any breed where crisp texture and maximum volume are critical to presentation and breed standard
* Made from all natural hair and skin purifying botanical ingredients such as Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Mint.
* Effectively removes chlorine and heavy minerals from skin and coa t
* Puts the Snap Back Into the COAT
* Safe for even the most fragile of coats
* Highly Concentrated

A-7 Pure White Lightening Shampoo
* A White shampoo Specifically designed for whites, creams, pale golds, pale silvers
* A Safe and effective stain remover and brightener
* Formulatedfrom new state-of-the-art enzymes from the laundry industry
* Contains 2 high tech conditioners from the human market - one a humectant
glycerin; a moisturizing/ lubricating ingredient, the other a hair strengthening

A-8 Super Whitening Gel
* A State-of-the ART clean and clear tear and urine stain removing gel
* Contains the same high tech conditioners as the Pure White Lightening Shampoo
* Formulatedfrom Enzymes from the laundry industry.
* May be left in coat between baths, reapply as necessary
* Stain removing Action is increased when heat is applied


B-1 Protein Conditioner
* Used with Lanolin Plus and left in for "Holding coats" (keep coat in "oil" to prevent
breakage, deep condition and preserve coat) .
* Used alone and rinsed out as a "Show day" conditioner.
* Improves pet coat with continued use .
* Cuts grooming time.
* Builds coat body and enhances natural texture.

B-2 Lanolin Plus
* Used with Protein Conditioner for "Holding coats" or as a brush-out agent between
* Will not rub off on furniture or attract dirt.
* Deep conditions, strengthens and improves resiliency.
* Reduces matting and promotes hair growth.

B-3 Humectant Oil
* A lightweight, water-soluable moisturizing oil and conditioner for "holding coats" .
* "Goof proof" no rinse formula is easy to use.
* Helps eliminate dry skin, fly-away coat, matting and tangling with regular use .
* Recommended for use on single, fine, silky coats, bleached and very porous coats.

B-4 Botanical Conditioner
* Tames, texturizes, detangles and shines even the most difficult to manage coats .
* Enhances the natural feel of the coat.
* Speeds drying time.
* Great "quick conditioner".
* May be left in coat for continued conditioning action.

B-5 Premium Protein Pack
* Instant and continuous anti-stat properties
* No stiff, sticky or greasy build-up.
* Can be used straight or diluted as a spray or creme rinse.
* Helps preserve hard coated furnishings and prevents damage caused by frequent
bathing and blow drying.
* Excellent pre-chalk conditioner.

B-6 Color Enhancing Botanical Conditioners
* Available in 3 Non- Permanent Color Enhancing Shades: Midnight (Blue Black),
RED/Brown ( Warm Golden red brown) , Platinum
* Formulated from plant and flower extracts
* Actually Improves coat texture and volume making it suitable for coats that
require body and texture
* Highly Concentrated, may be cut with your favorite #1 ALL SYSTEMS
Conditioners i.e. Protein Lotion Conditioner for hard and rough coats and Botanical
Conditioner for drop and silky coats. Colors can be mixed with Platinum to reduce


C-1 Hair Revitalizer
* For use on a clean and dry coat to improve texture and cut static instantly.
* Prevents coat from matting and tangling while repelling dust and dirt .
* Non-drying formula makes coat manageable without oily or greasy feel and minimal
* Recommended as a pre-scissor texture builder.
* May be diluted.

C-2 Coat Enhancer
* Formulated with lanolin, mink oil and vegetable protein in an easy to use, pleasantly
scented aerosol spray.
* Excellent de-matting agent, minimizing coat damage .
* Designed to hold and protect finer coats when conventional oils are too heavy .
* Used for breaking down lacquers, chalks and gels and wrapping long coated breeds .
* Minimizes dandruff and maximizes shine on short coated breeds.

C-3 Invisible Hold Setting & Styling Gel
* A pale pink, lightweight, freshly scented Setting & Styling gel
*Blocks the effects of Humidity, and Static electricity
* Will not build-up, coat can be brushed after it is applied
* Contains moisturizers and hair strengthening conditioners
* Can be applied to wet or dry hair to hold shape and style

C-4 Get It Straight
* Hair Dressing Treatment that:
TAMES, even the most unruly of coats, use on wet hair to relax cowlicks curls etc., blow dry
SHINES; all coats & colors
TEXTURIZES; improves and enhances all coat types
* Highly CONCENTRATED use sparingly
* Apply to clean freshly bathed wet or dry hair
* Formulated from wheat protein and silk amino acids
* With repeated use the condition of coat steadily improves


D-1 Slicker Brush
* Longer pins get all the way through the most dense coats.
* Safely cleans out dead undercoat, while not damaging top coat .
* Soft and pliable enough for the most fragile coats
* Three sizes - Small, Medium and Large.

D-2 Pin Brush
* Longer, rust-proof anti-stat pins penetrate coat deeper without tearing coat .
* Contoured handle for ultimate comfort.
* Designed to outlast the competition
* Two sizes - Small and Large.

D-3 Oblong Pin Brush
* All the features of our regular Pin Brush in a convenient oval shape.

D-4 Wood Pin Brush
* Hardwood pins are anti-stat coated, therefore minimizing breakage of long coats.
* Useful in the exfoliation of dead skin from short coated breeds.
* Special cushion allows maximum pliability and a unique massage action, therefore
stimulating the skin and coat.

D-5 Boar Bristle Brush
* Pure Boar Bristle firmly seated in a comfortable olive wood handle.
* Surpasses all others on construction, performance and looks.
* When only the best will do.

D-6 Medium! Coarse Comb
* 7 1/2 "long constructed Brass & Steel Comb finished in nicke l
* Comb is handmade
* Unique Non Slip handle
* Extra smooth teeth, tips are rounded

D-7 Fabulous De-matting Comb
* 6" long pins
* Round and very smooth pins
* Obliterates mats while minimizing damage to the coat and stress on you!!!

D-8 Perfect Poodle! Fluffing Comb
* 9 1/2" Finishing Comb
* Lightweight
* Extra long for fluffing and pulling the ring ready coat together


E-1 Tea Tree Oil
* "First Aid Kit in a bottle"
* An effective broad spectrum bactericide.
* Soothing antiseptic and analgesic. Does not sting in most cases.
* Powerful organic solvent, cleans infected wounds and disperses pus in sores .
* Neutralizes minor insect bites.
* Penetrates the skin, promotes healing.
* Bitter taste discourages further trauma to the affected area, therefore allowing healing.
* May be mixed with Super Cleaning Shampoo as an effective and soothing medicated

E-2 Odor Eliminator
* Eliminates and cleans pet odors and stains naturally.
* Biodegradable formula is safe for pets, people and the environment .
* Highly concentrated, odorless and water soluble .
* Cleans anything you can clean with water.

E-3 ALL NEW-Vital Energy Canine & Feline Vegetarian Formula
* State Of the Art Nutritional Super-Supplement-EFA'S, Greens & Cleansing Herbs
* Increased Energy Level
* Enhanced Calmness
* Better regularity
* Cellular Regeneration
* Tissue Regeneration
* Body Repair
* Improved General Well Being

E-4 Ear So Fresh
* Herbal Oils & Extracts Ear Wash
* Effective and Soothing
* Ultimate in Regular Ear Hygiene
* Alcohol, artificial chemicals coloring agents and preservative free
* Helps keep ears clean, fresh, free of ear infections and reduces earwax buildup.

Hair is a fine protein filament which grows from the skin of animals and man. It is a symbol of beauty, excellence, good health and superior care. Long and flowing or thick and full coat in optimum condition is a breathtaking sight in the show ring, as well as a source of pride for the owner, be it a household pet or a Best In Show winner. Better knowledge of the hair we deal with will enrich our understanding of its proper care .
Hair grows at different rates depending on genetic make-up, time of the year, care and overall general health of the animal. The hair shaft, root and skin can be damaged by the indiscriminate or improper use of chemicals. The skin serves as a barrier to water loss by the body. If this protective barrier is damaged it cannot function properly, leading to dryness. You can promote hair growth if you create the proper climate.
Hair textures vary from breed to breed and individual to individual. To the average pet
owner these differences may be so subtle as to be practically non-existent. However to the professional stylist, as well as the seasoned show dog owner, these differences can be all too evident. The multi-dog atmosphere we are in enlightens us to this fact.
The natural texture of the coat is a genetically determined subject. It can, however, be
altered by nutrition, climate, chemicals and care. In other words, a dog of decent genetic background kept parasite free and given a good diet will be able to grow coat. It is up to us to see that he keeps the coat he grows!
Hair is affected by the climate; wind, moisture (or lack of it), heat, cold, sun, dust and
static. Static is one of the most common causes of tangling, matting and breakage. Dirt and dust have an abrasive affect, causing splitting and weakening of the hair shaft. This is why it is important to keep the coat as clean as possible and avoid brushing or combing a dirty coat. Most oils used to hold coats between show days simply coat the hair and act as a magnet to dirt and dust. This causes matting, thus necessitating more frequent grooming sessions.
Harsh silicones can create static, attract dust and dirt and encourage tangling. Silicones are also absorbed by the hair shaft. Blown up and coated artificially, the hair becomes brittle and eventually breaks. Alcohol is another chemical used in many hair care products which is drying to the skin and hair.
#1 ALL SYSTEMS products contain all natural healthy ingredients and promote hair growth by creating a healthy climate for coat Top show dogs must be impeccably groomed and in spectacular condition to continue with their winning ways. Your pet dogs deserve to benefit from your knowledge of show dog conditioning. A happy client is a repeat client, and proper conditioning can make the difference.

Choosing the right shampoo and giving a proper bath is the most important step in the conditioning process.
First determine the type of hair you are dealing with and what it's particular needs are.

Basic Guidelines:
All coats can be shampooed with #1 ALL SYSTEMS Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo as this is the gentlest of all shampoos and completely residue free, it is safe enough to be used everyday, safe for puppies, kittens, cats, lactating bitches, allergic dogs, guinea pigs, birds etc., oh and yes it is great on your own hair as well,, the pH is neutral so it rinses completely clean. It removes only the excess oil and dirt, never the natural oil. It is not a high 'sudser' and it is tearless.
More suds does not mean more clean it only means more detergent or soap.
This is also a good one to use if you wish to create a Medicated bath this is best accomplished by adding a tablespoon or 2 of the E-1 Tea Tree Oil to a quart of mixed, already diluted shampoo, tumble the bottle to mix. Apply liberally and work down to skin,, leave on for several minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Fragile Coats - either naturally, as an example; Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, or due to poor condition - #1 ALL SYSTEMS Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo

Rough! Hard Coats - ALL OVER SHAMPOOING - Crisp Coat Botanical Texturizing & De-Toxifying Shampoo, volume maximizer & texture builder & restorer, removes hard water minerals and chlorine. Gentle enough also to be used on more delicate drop coats especially recommended for show day bath.

To Whiten (remove stains) & Brighten - all colors remove rust staining on blacks- A-2 Professional Formula Whitening/Brightening Shampoo.

Maintenance and conditioning of the coated show dog should not have to be a tedious or laborious assignment. Proper use of the fine products available to us today, coupled with a knowledge of technique, can make this task quick and easy with rewarding results.
"Holding Coats", "in oil" or "put down in oil" all refer to the same thing; the act of applying a product that will reduce tangling and matting of the hair, therefore virtually eliminating between bath brushing. The reduced stress to the coat assures us that maximum volume and length will be achieved.
Many of the coat-holding products found on the market today are designed to coat the hair shaft with oil to keep it from matting and tangling. They do not condition. So, consequently, the minute the oil is removed (usually with a harsh, detergent -type shampoo) the hair is very dry and weakened, having lost its elasticity, making it vulnerable to breakage. The healthy glow is lost and it becomes more susceptible to matting... the very thing you have been trying to avoid from the start. A lot of hair without good condition is simply a lot of poorly conditioned hair.
Lanolin is natures best moisturizer. As it is absorbed into the skin and coat, it restores and maintains the natural moisture balance necessary for maximum hair growth and optimum elasticity. Lanolin also acts as a natural repellant to fleas, virtually eliminating the need for sprays and dips.
Lanolin Plus (B2) can be a little tricky to work with, but once you've mastered the techniques you will be amazed and delighted at the phenomenal condition and ease of maintenance that will be achieved in your show clients' coats. Complete knowledge of the show coat will only enhance your capabilities with your pet clients.
Protein Conditioner (B1) is one of the keys to successful oil technique when mixed in the proper proportions with the Lanolin Plus (B2). Besides the wonderful conditioning benefits of the protein, it is an excellent de -tangler and anti-stat. Consult Mixing Chart #1 for measurements.
Mix fresh solution of B1 and B2 for each application. We recommend the use of a 32oz
applicator-type bottle, to ease mixing and distribution. Measure ingredients into the bottle and fill half way with hot water. SHAKE THOROUGHLY! Finish filling the bottle with warm water and shake again. This insures proper blending of the ingredients. Apply the solution to a freshly bathed, damp dog. Apply as evenly as possible, lifting the coat to reach all layers. Be sure to cover all hard-to reach areas, such as tummies, armpits, groin, behind ears, and under necks and chins. Sometimes it is helpful to plug the drain of the tub to retain any product that pours off the dog and re-apply with a cup or large turkey baster .
Now for the critical step toward success, RINSE THOROUGHLY! This will insure even distribution of the product. The hair shaft will grab what it needs and the excess will be rinsed away. By coating each hair shaft with the lanolin you are assuring that the coat is properly "put down" and between bath brushing should be eliminated.
For the lighter-weight coat, #1 ALL SYSTEMS has the B3 Humectant Oil. This is a goof-proof no-rinse oil that is mixed and applied in one step, with no rinsing needed. Just apply to a freshly bathed, damp dog. Use the application techniques described above to assure even distribution.
After applying whichever conditioning and coat holding product you've selected for that
particular dog, you should blow dry the coat carefully with a medium heat dryer. Using a pin brush, brush gently with the lay of the hair, taking care to minimize stress on the hair shaft.
This is best accomplished with #1 All SYSTEMS A-6 Crisp Coat Botanical Texturizing & De-Toxifying Shampoo or A-1 Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo. These Products will effectively remove all traces of oil without stripping the coat, burning the skin or altering color. Coats that are to be maintained regularly "IN OIL" should be treated with the A-5 Product Stabilizer and Coat Re-Texturizer at least one to 2 times per month (each time on on the big &/or double or soft and full coated animals) to insure complete removal of any excess conditioning residue. This will insure restoration of the natural proper coat texture i.e. put the 'snap' back into the coat.

Our handling of the show dogs special maintenance needs necessitate the division of these clients into their own individual conditioning groups. We must first take into consideration the quality and physical state of the coat and the show schedule to be followed. By locating the conditioning group best suiting that clients needs we make it easier for ourselves to formulate the conditioning treatment most beneficial for that specific dog.

A) - The coat is very dense or very long.
B) - The coat is in poor condition - having been damaged by repeated de-matting, prior over-use of caustic products, or simple neglect & in need of intensive
C) - The time between baths is more than ten days.

A) - The coat is of medium density (double coated breeds).
B) - The coat is in good condition.
C) - The time between baths is approximately seven days.

A) - The coat is fine or single-coated.
B) - The coat is in good condition.
C) - The time between baths is going to be less than seven days.
By using the conditioning system best suited for that individual dog we effectively cut down on brushing, which breaks the coat. Our job is to preserve coat, not punish it.

Pre-bath coat preparation shouldn't have to take an enormous amount of time. The proper grooming aids can assure that we spend no more time than is absolutely necessary. These preparation skills will vary with coat type and condition. Consult Chart #3 for brush-out products and techniques.

Coat Types:

Short - (Doberman, Beagle, Whippet etc.) usually no preparation necessary, though you may want to take the D4 Wood Pin Brush and massage the skin & coat to encourage the exfoliation of any excess dander and dead hair.

Medium - (German Shepherd, Corgi, etc.) Same preparation as above, coupled with the use of the Dl Slicker Brush to remove dead undercoat.

Long & flowing - (Lhasa, Yorkie, Afghans etc.) D3 or D4 Pin Brushes will minimize coat breakage on dogs in good condition. Matted areas on show dogs should be treated with care, as to preserve as much coat as possible, while doing the least amount of damage.
Matted pet coats should be treated with equal care, but the use of the Dl Slicker Brush would not be out of line to expedite dematting. Spray the matted areas with C2 Coat Enhancer and let sit for a few minutes. The Coat Enhancer is an excellent dematting agent, helping brushes and combs glide through hair with minimal breakage or discomfort to the dog. Severely matted pet coats may need the mats to be split before the application of a dematting agent. NEVER BRUSH A DRY COAT!

Long & Dense - (Old English Sheepdogs, Bouviers, Poodles, etc ) Use the D2 Pin Brush & C2 Coat Enhancer to start with. Some breeds are required to carry a good amount of
undercoat, so be careful as not to remove too much on the show dogs. Pet owners usually want this excess undercoat removed, so you may use the Dl Slicker to effectively brush and demat.

Long and/or double-coated breeds (Lhasa Apsos, Poodles, Afghans, etc )
Conditioning Group * B1 Protein Conditioner + B2 Lanolin Plus
Super Condition * 2 Tbsp. + 3 - 6+ Tbsp
Moderate Condition * 2 Tbsp. + 2 -3 Tbsp
Light Condition * 2 Tbsp. + i Tbsp.
* Measure the desired amount of conditioner ingredients into a 1 Quart (32 oz) bottle. Fill halfway with warm water. Shake vigorously to mix thoroughly. Add water to fill container and shake again. This insures thorough emulsification of the ingredients. Lanolin is lighter than water and has a tendency to separate. This is normal.
* Slowly pour solution onto a freshly bathed, moist coat. Pay extra attention to fragile areas (topknots, ears) and easy mat areas (legs, armpits, behind ears, privates, etc.).
* RINSE THOROUGHLY! This is very important, as this will insure even distribution of the product throughout the layers of coat to the skin. Lanolin is not water soluble so this action will not rinse the product out!
* Squeeze out excess and blow dry.

Lighter, single-coated breeds (Maltese, Yorkies, etc)
Conditioning Group * B3 - Humectant Oil
Super Condition * 3 - 5+ Tbsp.
Moderate Condition * 2 - 3 Tbsp.
Light Condition * 1 Tbsp.
* Measure the desired amount of Humectant Oil into a one quart bottle of warm water.
Shake to mix well.
* Slowly pour solution onto a freshly bathed, moist coat.
Pay extra attention to fragile areas (topknots, ears) and easy mat areas (armpits, behind ears, privates). DO NOT RINSE! This oil is water soluble and rinsing is not required .
* Squeeze out excess and blow dry.

Utilize the conditioner that will best suit the needs of that particular coat type.
B1 Protein Conditioner - Best used on hard or double-coated breeds where substance and body are needed (Malamutes, Huskies, coarser coated Poodles, Newfoundlands, Papillions, Collies, Goldens and dogs with coats of like type and construction. Rinse according to how much body the coat needs (less rinsing, more body).
Conditioning Group * B1 Protein Conditioner
Super Condition * 2-5Tbsp.
Moderate Condition * 1 Tbsp.
Light Condition * 1/2 Tbsp.

B4 Botanical Conditioner - Ideal for any coat which is very cottony silky or mats easily, dogs going through coat change, coats that are difficult to shine or where texture needs enhancing (Shih-Tzu, Lhasas, softcoated Yorkies, silky or cottony coated Poodles, Maltese, Bichons, Soft Coated Wheatens). Rinse according to the amount of coat control desired (less rinsing, more control).
Conditioning Group * B4 Botanical Conditioner
Super Condition * 3-4Tbsp.
Moderate Condition * 2 Tbsp.
Light Condition * 1 Tbsp.
* Measure desired amount of Bl Protein Conditioner OR B4 Botanical Conditioner into I Quart (32 oz) bottle. Fill half way with warm water. Shake vigorously to mix thoroughly.
Complete filling and shake again. This insures emulsification of the ingredients.
* Slowly pour onto freshly bathed, moist coat. Work one area at a time to allow for proper penetration, paying attention to ends of coat and easy mat areas (behind ears, armpits, privates). (NOTE; this conditioner will feel slick, but is not oily) These conditioners may be worked into problem areas full strength to add weight to fly-away ends and to tame dense or bushy areas.
* Rinse till desired conditioning level is achieved .
* Squeeze out excess water and towel blot dry, being careful not to tangle coat.
* Blow dry and style as usual.

Once a show dog is "in oil" (holding coat) it is usually not necessary to brush in between.
Avoid over-brushing a dirty show coat and NEVER brush a dry coat, as it will break.
However, if the coat is of the type and construction that will "solidify" when the bath water hits it, a careful, pre-bath brushing with the use of a conditioning spray should be done, otherwise the coat will be impossible to deal with afterwards .
The #1 ALL SYSTEMS C4 Coat Enhancer is a light aerosol spray containing mink oil, lanolin and vegetable protein with a pleasant baby powder scent. The #1 ALL SYSTEMS B3 Humectant Oil is another good choice when mixed 1 Tablespoon to a 16oz spray bottle of warm water.
Spray coat lightly and brush, concentrating on the areas where the brushing is really necessary (armpits, privates, behind the ears, etc). Try to keep brushing show coat to a minimum, layer brushing with the lay of the hair to minimize breakage .
Spray heavier into matted areas and allow to set for several minutes. Separate serious mats with fingers and slowly pick out mat with a brush, starting from the ends of the hair shaft, working up the hair shaft to the root and finally down to the skin.
The C2 Coat Enhancer is the product used in the wrapping of long show coats.
Show Dogs - Bathing with C1 Super Cleanser Shampoo is recommended prior to showing as these products are oily.
Pet Dogs - Follow brushing procedure as stated above prior to bathing. C1 Super Cleanser Shampoo will remove any oiliness left by these products .
The C2 Coat Enhancer can be used to set parts on long coated breeds. Just part the coat, spray LIGHTLY and pat down with your hand. The dog can shake and the part can easily be found again.